An Angel Healed My Heart

Written by: Deb Wilson

Came a time I was broken and battered.
All my dreams were frozen like dust.
My lost heart was badly shattered.
Tears of sorrow turned to rust.

In this bleak and damaged state
life turned meaningless and black.
Hope began to dissipate
when I felt something bring me back.

I saw in the stillness a figure stand,
beckon me to them in the mist.
Offering an outstretched hand
I knew 'twas a being God had kissed.

A sense of peace and utmost calm
came over me and soothed my heart.
This angel was my healing balm
in giving my life a brand new start.

written by Deb Wilson
March 26th,2012
for Gail Doyle's contest "Touched By An Angel"