flowers of youth

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

Flowers of youth 


Here I am,

middle age woman,

looking back at young woman,

silly child,

all that she wanted,

to love and be loved,

what she got

is pain and broken heart.

Oh how I wish to talk to her seances,

and let her know

there is no such a things like,

ever lasting love,

to let her know

that her dreams are just a dreams,

long gone,

flowers of her youth ,


shadow on the bright sunny sky,

Looking back,

at that silly child,

what else I can do,

feel sorry for lost time,



not to be able,

to talk to her seances

about ever lasting love

dreams and hopes,

every young woman care for.

Looking back,

Oh how I wish,

to talk to her


I can't