no exeptions to the rules

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

No exceptions to the rules, 

You think in you're head

its going to be enough to say,

how tremendously you're in love

with me,

You think in you're head,

if you tell me,

"you're eyes are so exotic,

that I can't stop looking at them",


that is suppose to make me feel good.

And that is OK

not to talk about little things.

You think

if you talk about you're love

it will be OK


we will laugh ha ha ha,

that love will make me forget reality,


so many miles we are apart,

and the fact that I know nothing about you,

then the very first day I meet you.

The fact that other people,

who are nothing to you,

knows more then I will ever do.

You think in you're head

there is exceptions to you,

and you're words will make me blind

to accept you as you are,


let me tell you something:

There is no exceptions to the rules

to you or me

or anyone else in that matter.