Written by: Laurel Larison

I have a husband that is so true and kind
I wouldnt know what do to without this great treasure
I have been married going on 32 years, there isnt a thing
I would change of the marriage we have.

We have truly had our ups and downs, He is wonderful
and truly ever so kind,
He always tries to make our lives great, the trips
he plans and all that he gives

There isnt a person I know who would do, all the little things
this is so true,

He cooks and cleans and makes our house a home, There is nothing
I need that he doesnt provide

If I were to go tomorrow, I would know, that the love
I had through the years, I would feel going on into eternity

If you happen to get mad about stuff, take a break and realize
that maybe life isnt so tough

To have a love and a soulmate for life, is the greatest
gift that the Lord could possibly give.

No matter day or night, remember to say I love you and kiss every 

When you leave to go off to work during the day, be sure to hug and kiss and 
the words will always be. I love you and have a good day