Written by: Shaista Mansoor

You are my friend I trust you
But sometimes you scare me
Sometimes you look unworthy of trust
Sometimes you mean a lot to me
Sometimes you just seem like a stranger
Why can't those lost moments come back?
Why can't I feel the same about you?
Its like I've lost you some where 
In this big world
Yet I am depending on you to come back
I think I shouldn't expect too much 
yet I do, why can't I accept the reality
That time changes people
And It's not always what you want
Still I just wish those moments would come back
How many times have we laughed, 
without any reasons.
How many times have you seen 
Reality behind my smiles
You were like a shadow to me 
Who I always knew was on my side. 
Why can't that world come back
Why is our bond broken
Why are you lost
I miss you
I Wish you could come back
As a trusted friend 
Not as a unknown stranger
Seeing you as a stranger
Hurts me a lot.
Yet probably I should understand that maybe you have changed
Maybe I have too.


" Change as though that you won't be remembered as was but as is."