I hope that you'll miss me

Written by: Green Trees

Times are changing...always 
fading, won't bother stating 
how im late and were debating 
why youre hating when there's 
always time to be celebrating, 
feelin jaded, overrated, so 
debated, unimpressed, with no 
success comes a fortune which 
you cant undress I think it's 
time to confess you don't know 
what the fuck is up or what 
goes down im fuckin fed up 
with this town in 
underestimation you still drown 
so help yourself up from the 
ground as you try hard not to 
frown you foolish clown and still 
I rise, as you marry that hoe 
despise, no more lies no more 
ties you can see it in my eyes 
that Im done fuckin with 
surprise and I'm ready for 
goodbyes I've been ready for 
goodbye so don't doubt what 
we both find that I'm not afraid 
to live nor die now which one of 
these quotes are you gonna 
choose to tell you how to live 
your short lived life?