tell me how to get to seaseme street

Written by: Robert Walker

i couldn't find sesame street on my G.P.S
 it was somewhere down by electric ave i guess
but every time i put in where i wanted to go 
i ended up somewhere in the 91210

i thought that was quite odd 
that i keep ending up on holly wood blvd.
i figured it had to be in cali somewhere
so i walked around til i bumped into the fresh prince of bellere

so i ask him to point in the right direction if he could
he said! you must go thru mr rogers nieghborhood
but i must have taken the wrong turn you know
cause i ended up right in the middle of south central

i continued up the shore to the streets of san fransico
and came to find out that no one really knows
cause i posed the question to everyone i came to meet 
 can you show me how to get --how you get to seseme street