the voices in our mind

Written by: Robert Walker

deep in the back of our minds we often here voices
mostly back there to help us make difficult choices
it's as if they were place there to clear our vision
even though sometimes they pushes us to make bad decisions

yet to some of us it's hard to keep them under control
we allow them to take over our hearts and souls
which is what drive us to the brink of insanity
that pushes us to do something against our humanity

your conscience will be there for every choice you make 
and the way you choose will determine your fate
it all boils downs to in the very end 
because only you knows the battle that goes on within

at times your heart will say yes when your mind screams no
 and your conscience would step in with which way to go
but it is you that will decide all on your own
weather it's the right way 
 down the middle 
 or just totally wrong..........