What Ever Happens

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

Can you make my heart laugh when I don`t wanna
Yes you can..
Can you bring smile when all I wanna do is cry?
Yes you can..

I know where Im coming from
But I will never know what it would lead up to
A touch from heaven would be nice
So do your best..roll the dice

Can you make me smile when life gets too tough
Yes you can..
Can you wash away my guilt,transform it into innosence
Yes you can..

If I could feel the score of living hard and fast
Would I still live it out or stop?
A free fall from high above,hurts like hell
So keep on living..there`s always something better at the other end
Work your way through to reach it..shortcuts not allowed

Can I make you smile when you don`t wanna?
Yes I can..
Can I dry your tears when life`s in a downslope?
Yes I can..

Whatever happens
Never lay down and suffer in silence
Keep the faith in what you do..you`ll make it all the way through
I knock on the door of a empty house..people who lived there are dead and gone
Fill it up with laughter and joy again..pound the walls with living souls again
And if someone drops you by my frontdoor..no worries
I will drag you inside,place you infront of my fireplace and warm your bones

By the end of the day life goes on
Yes it does..
Even if your strings are not tuned,still sounds like music to me
Yes it does..

March 24th 2012