Retired Remnants

Written by: Connie Marcum Wong

When truly embracing life, one must 
also embrace the mortal chain of death 
as friends and family continue passing 
in harmony with the earthly seasons, 
in quiet tune with celestial movement. 

What being in profound contemplation 
when dealing with melancholia, 
ever lived their life without flirting 
briefly with the thought of suicide; 
the persuasion of drink compounded? 

The joys of life intermingle with sorrow 
in a stage of life when Time ironically 
becomes an enemy as well as a friend, 
when one endeavors to share wisdom 
that may be unappreciated and rejected. 

The sudden glint off the wing of a 
passing silver bird with many souls, 
recalls to mind the madness that still 
dwells in corners of dark and light, 
of years gained, yet lost in flight. 

© 2012 Connie Marcum Wong