my shadow can stay

Written by: odeline chigwedere

<  >i am already gone but my shadow can stay
       At least to finish what is left of us.
       To give you the joy of being with me
       when i am already gone
       Although i am still sitting with you at a dinner table and 
       hold your hand and give you this staged romance
       believe me i am miles away.
       for the sake of our children my shadow can stay
       to feed your abusive habit 
       name calling and swearing
       i am too ashamed to walk away
       but i am already gone.
       whats left is a shell of something that could have been me
       i have run out of romance but hey 
       do not worry none of this will do you harm
       my shadow can stay.

       i have since replaced you
       i have lost our romance rithyme
       you are so forgotten,i some times question your very existence
       i can not go neither can i stay
       so many times i have lied to you
       i pretended you mattered the most 
       the time has come for our invisible farewells
       but my shadow can stay

       i did it all for  oath i took i mean (till death do us part)
       at least i am keeping my word
       you may never know i left
       i am already gone