BAD BOY - light sensual fun

Written by: Rascal Jones

Tell me, Sweet One, if you've the nerve,
how is it, that you love to play?
Is it warm, with a touch of verve
that softly steals the breath away,
and makes all tight resistance sway?
Whatever you say, we can do.
Come on now, you can have your way;
for, I'm a bad is true!

Don't worry if your values swerve,
not all is black 'n white – there's gray;
and, with our colors, that best serve...
we'll look no further than today.
There are no rules left to obey;
for now, there's only me and you.
So, let's lie down and come what may;
for, I'm a bad is true!

Your breasts are rising, I observe...
the sparkle in your eyes betray
your yearning 'neath each writhing curve.
Oh, heaven knows we can't delay!
The essence of your sweet bouquet
excites me, Dearest, through and through.
You're wet and warm, a lush buffet;
for, I'm a bad is true!

You say, "Don't go," that I must stay!
Yes, I'll remain, don’t misconstrue...
too long would be to your dismay;
for, I'm a bad is true!

Rascal Jones