Alice Redux

Written by: Talena alienmermaid

I chased you
And fell down 
the rabbit hole

Tumbling through the 
doorways of my mind 

And the deranged mess
of a love denied

(why couldn't u love me?)

the same sad refrain

I thought I could better you
It was about me shining
my divine light on you
Making u beautiful

I could have done it

But you wouldn't let me in 

Shades of a horse in armor
Casts shadows at the race
But I'm alone 
at the starting gate

It was exhilarating 
to capture your fancy

And as heart-breaking 
to loose it so quickly

And within every smirk, smile or joke
I saw hope for a different future

And so I cling to that. 

Missing you
Wishing you

Missed me.

But u won't let me in.

Who will I be at the end of this?

Out of the rabbit hole 
She comes

Perhaps madder