I Wish

Written by: Meagan Yet Foy

I would always know just what to say
What will never fail to take the pain away
The magic words to heal all the wounds
The sounds so comforting, my heart it soothes

I would let go of all my fears
And live to the fullest for all my years
I never wish to have to live with regrets
I never want to fail to reach the goals that I set

I wish I was not petty, and slightly selfish like now
I would become wise and humble and learn how to bow
To listen those who know so much more that I
Instead of ignoring, turning a blind eye

I wish not to be proud and let my pride hold me at bay
From all of the things I yearn for, for all of my days
I wish to be loved and I to love in return
To not fear what I don’t know; the pain for the burn

Most of all I wish what I felt was true
When I said I love you, and you said I love you too
Those words you spoke, as true as they were
Became meaningless once; whispered to her