Some people

Written by: Dan Kearley

Not having Power of Attorney, has now kept sleep from me for days Because of my moms so called friend, and all her evil ways She put my mom into an elderly facility without even my consent Moved out of my moms house that she rented, for a measly $300. rent She said my mom gave her the house, while she revised her will one day When I asked my mom this three different times, she always said "no way" Being a friend of my moms for so many years, I didn't think I needed to worry "We're taking good care of her don't worry," was always the same old story Don't worry we're taking good care of her, and everything is going just fine Little did I know she was thinking, "Ha-ha one day this will all be mine" Now she is talking about a restraining order, to keep me from seeing my mom As she destroys my moms life savings, like a ticking little time bomb My mom was staying at her daughters, that's supposed to be some kind of nurse But as the months slowly passed, I noticed her memory was getting worse Her daughter took our wedding picture, off the wall in my mothers room So she wouldn't be able to see me, and that only brought her gloom We then had another made, with a heart that said "To the worlds greatest mom" Again that picture was hidden from her, which made my mother begin to sob When she would cry and say, "Where's my son" that was all just part of there plan Making others think I never came to see her, now that was way out of hand Every time I called, after two rings I would always get the answering machine So a message of love to my mother, is what I would always leave But my calls were never returned, and I could never understand why? They probably told her I never called, just to make her always cry How could someone do that? I guess it's all because of greed? I guess their heartless, loveless souls, just do it because it's a need
Dan Kearley:3-22-12