Then Who

Written by: Patricia Lewis

For the doctor turns to the woman and says your new born baby is healthy
The mother closes her eyes to whisper a prayer to God to say thank you for the 
precious gift!
For the father sees the mothers lips moving and asked her what was wrong 
She says boldly I am thanking my Father God for our son
He turns to her and says there is no such thing 
She goes off on a tangent and says well explain to me the following:
How was butterflies created
How was birds created
How was ants created
How was fish created
How was our new born son created
He says well I know we created our son 
Thereafter she responded by saying think about it who created you and I 
and your parents and your parents, parents?
Until you can tell me 100 % who created all of these things I will continue to pray to the God whom I know created all things and continue to give my Lord Savior Jesus Christ His rightful praise!