Mirror, Mirror

Written by: Jessica K

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is most broken of them all:

Who looks on the day with blackened dread
While painting her wrist in scarlet red
Unable to managed the emotional strife
Tries to find relief through gray, kitchen knife.

Who's stuck in the hole of lackin sun
Too worried about the shame he's let on the run
Wants to the burn the memories and let them shred
Finally ends the burdened problem with a gun to his head

Who is the girl that had it all
Then disaster struck, now there's none to call
Who held the best of temporary friends
Until time came for a hand to lend

Who is the young boy unable to cope
While his parents last still on cemetery slope
Alone on the Earth without someone to care
Surely this is too much for a child to bare

Who lost their treasure without a choice
Screaming at him till losing their voice
Filled with nightmares of that miserable day
Praying in that his face will soon fade away

Who feels isolated when others have their own group
It's like putting a number in alphabetical soup
Watching them live life from a line on the side
Eyes darkened by late nights he stayed up and cried  

Mirror, mirror on the wall
How is it possible to help them all?