Dear Sonneteer

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

I wonder. . . can you take me to a world where ladies fair with ringlets in their hair, with graceful shoulders bared and necks bepearled wear gowns that billow as they dance on air? Around the ballroom floor these girls are swirled upon the arms of men most debonair! Such coy sidelong looks to their gents they give, for lust is held at bay - romance they live! And in this bygone era, gentlemen pursue their ladyloves with great aplomb. Imagining a picnic in a glen. . . I'm with a handsome bard who starts to strum a tune to verses written by his pen. To poetry this maiden will succumb! So whisper euphony into my ear, and lose us both in time, dear sonneteer. Written by Andrea Dietrich for nette onclaud's MOMENT IN ANOTHER TIME Poetry Contest