As I See You

Written by: Rosalinda Lato

As I See You

Loneliness engulfed my being
Every time I remember the days
I was holding you in my arms
Caressing your fragile body.

Making you feel that I'm there
Never to leave you, all alone
We're inseparable during those moments
I made it a point that I'm there every time you needed me.

But there are times we have separated
We have to give spaces for us to think
Not because I'm up with you
It's for us to think of other tricks for us to savor.

Dull moments we never had
For you made me see the real you and
Experienced what it takes to be with you
Especially during those times I only had but you.

Now you maybe gone for sure
I may never see you...your smile
I may not hear...your laughter
I may not feel your warmth.

Nevertheless, you're here with me
Your words of wisdom that I have now
Your acts of generosity that I am practicing now
Your kind words that I'm using now.

Every time I wanted to talk to someone
I talked to my thoughts
I asked for your guidance
I didn't know why.

Why I have to utter your name
 When I'm in deep despair
Why I have to call you desperately
When I can no longer turn to somebody.

You make me stronger
You make me move on
You make me leap a hundredfold
Then you make my day.

Someday, I know I'll see you
No longer in my thoughts
No longer in my reverie
No longer in my dreams.

We'll meet again and I'm waiting for that day
You'll know how much I treasured your memories
I'll tell you how much you nurtured me 
How much I become so real because of you.

As I see you then
And how I'll see you soon
That will be grandest day I'm preparing
For I'll be with you.