My First Grey Hair

Written by: Gail DeBole

Written by Gail DeBole

I dyed it.
The dye did not take.

So I pulled it out.

Then I climbed to the highest building and shoved it off.
It boomeranged when it hit the ground and came back to me.

Then I tried to bury it so deep within the ground that
I only succeeded in tunneling to the other side of the world.
And it was still with me.

I threw it off into the sunset.
The moon's shine threw it back at me.

I folded it umpteen times and paper clipped it to 
Last week's newspaper for recycling.
It was recycled back to me.

I hung it in a facade of suicide.
It slipped through the noose.

I stamped on it.
Beat at it.
Did everything besides forget about it.
And hated it passionately.

And then one day, it had gone.
Of its own will, not mine.
And I could not find it though I searched high and low.
I surveyed the front of my scalp and back
And stared my victory down into the mirror...

A whole head of grey.