For When

Written by: Patricia Lewis

All this time I thought you were my friend..
For when I had friction in my life you were always there to hear my drama
All the times I started to cry you were there to wipe my tears away
For when I felt like I couldn't go on you were always there saying it will get better..
All the years I went through my depression you were right there for me...
I would swear to anyone that you were my true friend 
Now that I have surrender my life to Christ and my life has turned around for the better
For when I share with you now how I am enjoying life
For when I share with you how this new man in my life is treating me like a queen and we can talk about anything 
You are so negative....
It's as though you enjoyed me better being down,out and depressed.
I thought you were a true friend 
I guess you were not my true friend after all 
because a true friend would be happy for me and not want me to continue to stay in misery!