Racing with blinders

Written by: Leonard Taormina

It was planned investigated and edited 
Measures were interwoven so as to assure;
And in the end success was achieved;
Acknowledged and accredited master of self-survival
     You must have been quite busy I imagine.
      I suppose I’m to offer you kudos;
      Since I never saw the final outcome coming;
     And that in its self-had to have been a bonus
I was young and doubtlessly deserved it;
So I let it go thinking in the future;
Maybe you might feel vindicated;
But apparently motivations go beyond vindications..
       So okay I feel bad “real bad”
       And sometimes I forget myself;
       And let the water run down my face;
        Over the distain that manifest it’s self through selections
And time doing what it often does for some;
Gave me the courage to be,
Open and less self-protective;
But some of us never conquered fear.