A Task Worth Closure

Written by: Samantha McDougal

Jefferson layed me down against the staircase.
He told me to be silent and hold my breath
Just slightly.
I'd never forget the way a Leon
Would hover about my work premises 
After hours,
Waiting for me to come around.
And my mother with her penniless issues
Would cluck her tongue at the thought
Of my dinners out with a David.
How I'd clank my dishes and silver
With the absence of a child. 
Would she fret to know that it pleased them?
Would she point a withered finger towards me
In her after life,
Cursing me and my crooked ways.
Of course a WIlliam would take care of that
With his sound proof walls and blindfolds.
But a mask would wear my face at the
Thought of a humble man who wanted 
No more than a mentor.
A mentor with no shoes on
As she hides beneath his shirts.
And next year
When a Jonathan realizes 
That he's no more than a broken clock
Will he force his way inside for one last try
To kill the beast that
Layed itself inside my mind.
To kill the monster that calls herself Jane.