Written by: Leila Mijares

A natural beauty you will love to see
Boracay Island is a place for me
For the 'sick' that needs relieving
For honeymooners perfect for loving  

If you need to stay in a solemn place
Just sit and relax in an open space
Very alluring and captivating  
Those Fascinating scene, so breathtaking

Have some tea or coffee in morning dew
Looks like the sea is waving at you 
The white sand so smooth and so refine
Dare barefooted nobody will mind

Get yourself tanned in 12 noon
It feels  like you are in  blue lagoon 
Get naked do it at night time
Choose a place that no one can find

There's night clubbing and fire dancing
By the beaches there's eating and drinking
Some were grilling or fire camping
You'll enjoy singing while night swimming

Take a few rides on a banana boat
With your friends just enjoy the float
With jet skiing or island hopping
In puka island many shells for picking

Hotels or cottages there's a lot to choose
Feel comfortable you have nothing to lose
You have  to stay a few days more
There are places you still  need  to explore!