justice for all

Written by: Barbara Washington

there is no justice for all in this life
injustice for lowly having no rights
highly esteemed goes free with thievery
while I take the lost of my ipad two

I located my ipad just as told
but, I knew their'd be no justice for me
as they live the rich life in their brick home
me not so much, my double wide trailer

Now I've seen the faces of injustice 
frowning on low ones trying to get by
living on crumbs left by the wealthier
charging their sins off on the innocent 

I'll never forget my stolen ipad
as I think on the third generation 
but, for now I love my kindle fire
it challenges my techno geekiness

I'll give Amazon my wants and ideas
to make the Kindle my new companion
no more desk top station or laptop days
I'll just run the race on my kindle fire