My Mysterious Boyfriend

Written by: Sarah Jabri

Ring, ring, ring ~ my phone rang in the middle of the night I picked it up, my voice as pale as a ghost so white "Melissa, it's me at the park in half an hour" My boyfriend of 3 years, what could he want this very hour? I wasted not a moment, I'm set and grabbed my keys I hurried down the stairs and nearly fell on my knees I'm nervous as hell, couldn't stop wondering of what's going on On my way, I prayed "Lord, let this be of light's dawn". I made it just in time, I saw him standing by a tree I walked closer, my face full of questions deeper than a sea He stared at me with eyes so silent, his body in a freeze I searched his mind but nothing to find, I felt the wind's cold breeze. He reached for my hand and handed me a piece "Open it Melissa, please...Don't let my warm heart miss, A smile of yours, or tears that I someday may no longer see" I shed tears of yes as he went on his knee... "Happy Anniversary, Will You Marry Me?"