The rise of the silent


 The rise of the silent
We have come all the way from the darkness, 
The one wise men call blindness.
With axes, hoes, we are paving the way,
And our hands aren’t down until there is a way.
We aren’t scared of the lions that roar,
We are the fearless hunters of justice and liberty, 
The seekers of equality and humanity:
The quests our old folks failed to complete.

We shall go up in the sky;
We shall dig deep into the ground,
We shall break all the rocks, 
We shall go beneath the lakes,
We shall set flames in the wilderness,
We shall bring mountains down.

Steeply the hill we are riding;
Stony the road we are walking
Dark the forest we are hiking
Far the home we shall arrive
 For we are like soldiers marching to the war,
With the only one command to go
To the deadly field of woe
We have left our fears of terror behind
To rescue the captives of injustice
To fight for what our folks fought for
And all our heroes died for.

Now let light fight the darkness;
Let the speakers fight the speechless,
Let the dead and the live march to the battle field
Let us sow the seeds we were left with to sow
Let shackles on every man’s hands break
Let every foot rise and stand
Let every mouth rise and speak
Let every tongue speak justice and liberty
Let justice rise and live for eternity
Let the voices be hard from Bwera to Busia
From Mutukula to Amuru
Lift every voice and cry justice.