Just A Lie

Written by: Colin Marschall

There isn’t anything I’d do for you
There isn’t anything worth the time
It would take to make this better
So much less of a crime

Maybe once, or was it twice
Lies fell easily upon these ears
But no matter what you patter
Now I have only fear

Why’d you have to whisper sorry?
Why’d you have to cry?
When I told you it was over
It wasn’t just a lie

And perhaps I was mistaken
Though why I do not know
Your eyes they carry lies
And your tears are just for show

Chorus x 2

Perhaps you should stop talking
It’s a sound I’ve heard before
Now it’s far too late to wait
To pick my heart up from the floor

And baby keep your apologies
You’ll need them later on
To be repeated when you’ve cheated
On the next girl that you con

So why’d you have to whisper sorry
Why’d you have to cry
When i said that it was over
It wasn’t just a lie

It wasn’t just a lie
When I said it was over
It wasn’t just a lie.