The Prophesy of Me

Written by: steven cooke

These Hallowed halls
Frequented by myth and griffin
Whose presence Guards these priceless minds
 Protecting the unwritten novels
M C Squared and ingenious thoughts
The prophesy of zero one

This gluttony of ideas thirsting on capitalisms juice
Summoning their messiahs to walk among us
The commodities of life, this treasured bible
Children the future and Capitalism dissects,
 Yet Another batch of disciples

So what care I for prophets of doom
Population before climate 
Religion over peace
Vanity before reason
Pride over poverty
Cap and gown before that which created me
For I live high above these ghetto streets

Yet my peace is drowned by Evening chorus
Screams from the gutter
Another tattoo and the rush of heroin 
Another type of messiah 
Something for the poor to believe in
Just another nickel and dime resource to me

Yet to hear this is a damnation of me
This arrogance over nature
To control that thing
That shackles our existence
That jails our thoughts
Prostitutes our freedom
And lets us die without reason

This way of life
Of poverty and desperation
Of concrete and aborted foetus
Of welfare cheques and sex for sale

Of unhappy beings behind
Unhappy doors 
Protecting their own portals of betrayal
In a private subjugated hell
For Compassion has left these mortal beings 
And my mind is closed, for there is no profit for me

But conscience is my jury
And nailed to this holy cross
The verdict is written
Vermin under the butterfly
For compassion was never my thing?
And Human nature can be,
A most desperate thing.