Written by: L'nass Shango

If you come today suddenly my silence would then smile
And the noise in my heart would be heard saying softly to you
"I love you" without my tongue telling you in waste of words.

I have pondered your absence long enough to grieve your loss
In compiling my discontent that cradles still joy as promised you
That you kept avoiding since your birth gave you presence here.

I know you shall not come again and hope to strive on barren love 
For you took it away to make a medium where you may grow
Like a desert tree without the rain, though my love rains daily here

I know perhaps the birds will drop some alien seed here that will drink
My tears dry as a rock while they flourish green on my fears
That my love is too vastly infinite for your mortal heart so finite.

But what if I am wrong and you come too late when time is done
When we can do nothing with what remains but stare in silence
And groan for our pains which may find comfort in a smile's proximity?

What is broken must remain I can never trust old mended things again
For if I mend my heart I will prolong my fear of repeated pain
A broken heart is like glass and happily gives more light to the day.