I am not her

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

I am not her

She left on that morn

after so many nights

in waiting for your return

After so many moments

of empty kisses

 in silent darkness

Slowly She left

but you where too busy to notice

I am not her

She cuts her wrist

to stop its pulse rate

She blocks her heart

to end its beating

She swollows pills

to hide from consciousness

She wakes from dreams

to kill the memory

I am not her

I am unchained

I am free

I love life

and all that's beautiful

I am not her

I still love butterflies

I still pick daises

and sing in gardens

I still watch rainbows

and paint with colours

I still walk on sunshine

alone,but not in solitude

I am not her

She is gone

She's slowly gone

but you never noticed.

Fiction poem-No wrist cutting and pills and etc etc.. just an inspired poem ..but fiction..No worry to none :)