With Arms and Legs Spread

Written by: Ruben O.


                                            Waking up on the wrong side
                                            of an unexpected bed 
                                            she left a note to my pride
                                            that falls on the floor instead

                                            Waking up in a bad dream
                                            on the hook, hanged till next use
                                            the wrong choice, the awry scheme
                                            side by side: regret and excuse

                                            Of us, only one could heal
                                            an old wound still subsisting
                                            Unexpected and surreal
                                            bed and dreams coexisting

                                            She is not you, I know, she... 
                                            left this bed to return...and
                                            a note with a kiss...hope and glee,
                                            to my pride...on bedside stand

                                            That's that! Just a body that
                                            falls to unlike beds in a rut.
                                            On the floor rests lover's hat
                                            ...instead of kneeling, I strut

My first Et Cetera poem