Dear Abby

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

Hopscotch, barbie dolls, playing house and jump rope
Puddle jumping, finger painting, needing lots of soap
Baking cookies, stuffed animals and having a pet rock
Vibrant drawings on the driveway with colorful chalk

Dance recitals, swimming lessons and girl guides
Zoo visits, riding bikes and amusement rides
Beach pails, sand castles, playing in the sun
Building snow men, tobogganing, oh what fun

Make up, nail polish, and lots of pretty dresses
Pigtails, clips and head bands that tie up lovely tresses
Bubble baths, cuddles and telling fairy tales
Playing dress up... pretend weddings with silky veils

Hide and go seek, swing rides and trips to the dollar store
Tea sets, making crafts and laughter and smiles galore
Kisses, hugs, abundance of love, never will she be deprived
Time to rejoice for my precious first grand child has arrived.

Abigail Clara Rose
Born March 11, 2012