Mother's Voice

Written by: Leila Mijares

The moment you came into my life,
I felt joy and full of delight.
I sang you song, a lullaby.
My baby you sleep now, do not cry.

You're so light and so tiny.
So fragile and delicate to carry.
Can't speak a word you want to say.
My little angel, don't look at me that way.

You screamed, when your hungry.
where is my milk, you hurry!
What took you so long my stomach is empty.
Stay by my side, don't ever leave me.

You're so soft and so smooth.
Like a baby pillow i bought.
You're my fruit, you're my flower.
Everyday, you smell like new shower.

Oh my baby, I LOVE YOU SO!
You're so sweet, i adore you!
Promise that i leave you never.
Forever and ever will be together....