Betrayal Of The Soul

Written by: Joseph Camp

Before this story begins. 

You need to take away my sins.

Its like walking into a dream.

Until I heard you scream.

Do you like what you've seen?

Do you know what this means?

To break our seal

You made a deal.

You took away my soul.

So I can never be whole.

You took away my heart.

And tore it apart.

You took away my love.

And tossed it above.

You took away my trust

And kicked it in the dust.

When I chanted

You took it for granted.

This didn't cost a dime

So listen to me one last time.

You took away my soul

So death could take its toll.

You took away my heart

So we couldn't make a new start.

You took away my love

And gave it to a dove.

You took away my trust

So my life would be unjust.

Our love is strong

But not for long.

We don't belong

Because something went wrong.

Before my mind turns black

Give me myself back.

So I can walk through the door

And tell you I don't love you anymore.

We were more than friends

But now this story ends.