The Laborer and His Owner

Written by: FABIYAS M V

Black and white –
His spade always wakes up the dreams
                                          in the sands,
Except when he hugs
                                 the coconut trees ;
Sweat drops decorate his body
                                        under the sun.
His owner, of the same age,
                                  who simply stands
Or simply sits in some shade.
                                    “A blessed man”,
My mind always murmurs.

Now –
In the same coconut grove,
                                 though very aged,
The same laborer decorates his body
                                 with sweat drops.
But in the place of the old owner,
                                         his dear son
Simply stands or simply sits.
                                  Many years after,
My mind murmurs again, “Who
                                  is really blessed ? ”