Written by: Joshua Torres

Regret. We are born into an imperfect world to loving parents that would sacrifice their lives and dreams to watch us succeed. When we are young our parents try their best to shield us from any evil, harmful thing that maybe waiting out in the world. They slowly let little problems through the walls of defense to help us learn and experiment with things of adulthood. They later serve as crutch to lean on when we have bitten off more than we could chew. When we break under the pressures of this world they are there to counteract what would otherwise be an inevitable doom. Then our lives continue and we grow strong and grow further and further away from our parents. We start to forget about how much they have helped us through hard times. We convince ourselves that we did this by ourselves and discredit them. We start to disrespect them. We abandon them in their later years when they are most vulnerable. When they pass on we realize what an egotistical, self-absorbed child we were, but it is too late.