Remember With Sorrow

Written by: Joseph Camp

.Approaches her morning, still too depressing to sing.

It makes her heart sting.

Still time to borrow.

Behind thick, black clouds rises the sun.

In a dirty, torn room their fighting is not done.

Soon this gothic couple will be a depressed one.

I shall remember with sorrow.

They live small, ghostly town.

Everyone has a frown, even when the sun goes down.

Still time to borrow.

They met on a rainy night, maybe love at first sight.

But their marriage never saw the light.

I shall remember with sorrow.

They start to shout.

Realizing what she doubt, that his love she will live without.

No more time to borrow.

His tormented eyes turn gray.

He refuses to stay.

Her beautiful, faithless soul fades away.

I shall remember with sorrow.