Written by: Joseph Camp

She cries, then she breaks.

He lies, then he takes.

He harms her face.

Sadness builds in her heart.

He is a disgrace.

She should have left him at the start.

A tear is born in her eyes, symbol of her painful cries.

The tear travels along her cheeks, place where part of her beauty speaks.

The tear moves to her mouth, which preached to the East, West, North, and South.

The tear now rest on her lips, from which came friendly tips.

The tear then hangs on her chin, just as soft as the rest of her skin.

The tear falls and dies.

She can't but she still tries.

The tear now lives in her soul, what a terrible toll.

For her trouble is always near.

He screams in her ear.

She cowards away in fear.

Now ends the story of the tear.