Roses, Violets, and Love

Written by: Joseph Camp

Roses are red, violets are blue.

No tears I shed of being with you.

Your hair is darkened red, my eyes are grayish blue.

Your always in my head, it makes our love seem true.

Your what I need.

Your the reason I live.

Because of you my soul has been freed, that's all I need you to give.

Your like my closest friend.

Your the person I can't live without.

Your the only one who held on until the very end, for that I love you without a doubt.

Now I have something to prove.

Now I need to use my poetry as bait.

Now I need to make my move, before its too late.

Now its time to see what you came to see.

Here's how it starts.

I get down on one knee, and I'm about to say came from my heart.


"Before I met you my heart was broken, before I met you my mind was shattered.

I've cherished every word you've spoken.

To me your words were all that mattered.

Before I met you my life was like a blackened place, like living in a dark cell.

Where I couldn't see an angel's face, too dark to tell.

Please girl hear my voice.

I promise to love you forever.

Time to make a choice, because time is moving fast as ever."


Roses are red, violets are blue.

We need to continue the life we've lead, its the right thing to do.

Your hair is darkened red, my eyes are grayish blue.

I'll love you even after we're dead, and our lives are through.