Lost In A Dream

Written by: Sarah Jabri

A sudden leap of faith took away my pride,
And a blurry image of life made me shied,
A concern deep in me reside,
To which questions of mine has all been defied. 

I am lost in a not so tranquil world of no end,
As I make another turn, my eyes see no road to bend
Shall I let another leap of faith take its course of extend?
Or shall I take a known step make its amend?

And a battle I've never known now brought me news,
To where ever side I turn, there are corners of blues,
My visions as of now, has gone subtly confuse
Nothing to read, nothing to see, left with no clues. 

I took a moment to silent my voiceless fear
Hoping my windows and doors would once be clear
I hold no second to spare and not let another appear
But to my amuse, I woke up from a dream with a shedding tear.