Another Cheap depressing outburst

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

Would you ever know? The infatuation I have, the love I could give the pain you would remit!
I am envious of your ignorance whilst I live in the suffering of personal and outer knowledge 
And who would care for a dwarf out of home and out of pocket scruffy and mad a born loser
Sad, but not in sorrow, give me distractions any I plead to take away one minute 
One moment of me.
What use I have that to be a burden to all who associate with this stench this assertion 
Lost in fearful anxieties avoiding truths hiding.  
And blinding the confrontation of thy anything but me I can deny 
A hermit of hurt of spellbinding atrocities everyday a infamy rifled in my own unpleasant mystery 
Forever alone until the day will pass could be a long morrow or half a century ,though fast
Take me away from other mutual beings I don’t belong with them and they couldn’t see it
Even a broken flint can apply one spark, am I society’s jester here for a laugh
Or just a Halfling if that including height couldn’t protect a fly in flight 
A chisel of might chipping away impossible to sight almost invisible 
What happened where did I go? Was it the drugs or just the lows?