Life's Lemons

Written by: Masulani Kalonge

See its strange that you seem to forget
Its strange that you can't remember.

First day of Uni was amazing wasn't it?
Mum and Dad worked hard to make it happen.

My blood seems to disagree 
my blood seems to forget 
the paths they follow were paved by them
My blood seems to be flowing in reverse

Maybe its the wrong type?
Maybe its my fault?
I might be taking breaths the wrong way

See blood provides nutrients to the body
Keeps my heart beating
my mind sane

Blood is my life, keeps the my mind on point
There is always a cancer though
Cancer messing with my circulatory system

You make me feel like cancer
You are busy serving truck loads of lemons

I won't let the sour taste ruin my pallet though
See ambition is mixing liquor with life's lemons

No matter how many I get I will be busy making cocktails
No matter how many set back
No matter how many Lemons
No matter how many cancers
No matter how many selfish relatives

I will forever have ambition
Life's lemons or cancers will never get me down