Afternoon Calm

Written by: Edmund Siejka

Waiting for you I begin to watch
The curtains
Billowing in the living room  window
Breeze coming in
From a blue glass sea.

The curtains move in and move out
Mesmerizing in their simplicity
And I begin to see   
A river curling its
Way through the silken design
Taking me to a place
Of old Victorian houses
With grand wooden porches
Painted white
And colored shutters
Identifying each owner.

You come back
With an easy smile
And together, 
Wine glasses in hand,
We sit back
Challenging the sun to warm our tired feet
Ignoring an errant breeze rippling the pages of a book 
Meant to be read another day.

There is no need for us to talk
We’ve been on this peaceful journey before 
Taking in the stillness
Inhaling the salt fragrance of the sea
Everything is perfect
In this place
Where the breeze
Blows in 
And curtains quietly billow in
And billow out
Keeping their own rhythm
On a Sunday afternoon.