Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

i am back! i am back!
like a boomerang
i am back
To take what's rightly mine.
i am for my ladies,
the ones that read me daily,
And my fellow gents,
who drop nice comments.

i am back because i know you miss me
i am back because you should miss me
i am and i am looking stronger
i even have a new book to show brother

i am back to compete 
i am back to defect
even though i was thrown away
i have found my way 
and i am coming back stronger
even better
i am back! i am back!
it feels good to be back.

                                            hello friends.its been a while now.been out for a while though.don't mind my bravado in this piece,i call it "shakara"yes! i am back,i know some missed me ,and some didn't but anyway am here.i was working on my book project and am happy to announce that its out, for those who enjoy my work and want to take poetry to where it belongs,that's up should check out this link below.thank you