The Coin

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

The Coin I am a survivor at all costs I refuse to lay down my life Living the Good Fight of Faith Until my steps cease to be Someone said to me recently Looking me straight in the eyes Said, I mourned over your death When you almost died a few years ago Frankly, she said I am over it now You look worse than I have ever seen you Yet you are always smiling and helping others Why don’t you just let him take you home? I was riddled with emotions as tears filled my eyes I took a deep breath placed her hand in mine Sweetie don’t you see I have done that already? He has not called for me yet, I assure you of this What I endure with all that is failing in me Is a far greater burden then you carry in grieving Over your friend here dwindling physically away I ask for nothing from you except your support There are no requirements that say you have to I will understand if it is too hard for you but Remember I will always love you, I set you free She fell apart wrapped her arms around me Then whispered in my ear I am just so worried about you You are my best friend and I feel helpless all the time I smiled, It’s ok I’m tired too but until its time I Am here such as it is for the duration living in Grace There is a fine line when someone is very ill for A long time that pushes to protect them from Anymore sorrow as the mind naturally detaches itself From the ill to heal and move and Forward We who are ill need to understand those frailties Of the human mind that wearies those we love That is why I am always jovial on the phone and Smiling when friends come to visit both sides of The coins in this matter are very hard to endure I found that mercy for their feelings rose in me Saturating me with compassion for their fears and sorrow My walk is inevitable but I must protect their futures At any cost This is where Love will shine the brightest Forever Carole Cookie Arnold