Even Flow

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

I just don't know
If this is how the even; flows:

The wind is good tonight, but i'm tired of the chill( fresh; an interesting definition that wouldn't be helpful if added to that sentences) like a handless slap:( ..cause that was better..)a threadless cloth that covers.

... Don't you tire of the watch?
There's no ticking in this clock,
but the hands just keeps caressing
for they wonder why eyes stay keen;
strength in gaze..mouth stays clean.

Sometimes I carry too much; I have the words but they stay stuck and then I wait for to long and not because the thought was gone. Rings like a dong. Carried by a cliche acoustic song( Still is strong ).

I'll just be loud
Carry my voice a thousand miles
A w a y f r o m y o u
Still have no clue

Still have no clue

A thousand miles away from you

Can't you see, the sky is o so blue

Take it as you always do.