Written by: Zeenat Nagpurwala

Winged wheels ring out rugged melodies along winding ways Ripened rays on a new togetherness rise and fall, fall and rise – bright and clear. Clear as miraged ecstasy, drifting unbound over air – seem so far, yet so near, Ye winds of Thul, O blow far away, all the past in invisible haze. A thousand secrets from the spins of Time, the winds from Thul have erased And like the first look at a golden honeybee, with eagerness they stare. In the hum of scorching desert blasts, heed a little to what message they bear And in the chime of little camel bells, listen little ear to what they say: They bring songs from home, beyond the hills, melody of a baby’s cries, Fathers and children prancing merrily beneath the stars, round the fire ringing. Sounds dispelling loneliness chain angels’ harps from crystal skies, And past a hundred camel carts, I hear, a pair of anklets ringing. Whispering wheels and happy heart take me far from uncared sighs, Towards my home, O blessed Thul, my reluctant thoughts smile lingering.