Written by: Jennifer Abrams

3 am and there you are waiting for me
As always so strong and sure
I love you for that
Skin so pale glistening in the moonlight
You never judge me, you've always loved me
The mask I wear in front of others is not needed when I face you
It tumbles to the floor followed by my clothing
I sigh as I walk over
Its time to turn you on
I use that circular motion you like so much
That warm slick wetness between my fingers
Has me smiling contentedly
The steam in the room is rising
I step inside and allow the water gently cascading
All around me to wash away
The tears, the dirt, and the stress of daily living
I let the peace of the darkness and your calm stillness flow through me
When I'm here, inside of you, is when I can be me
Theres nobody to please but me
No facade of happiness to cling to
Here, is where I feel my sadness, my anger, and my grief
Hidden far away from eyes that might judge and condemn
Or worse yet eyes that would look upon me with pity
Pity that would cast my achievments under a shadow
And encase my soul in the well-meaning intentions of others
Lavender soap washes away the hardness clinging to my body
Turn off the water as I'm left standing in steam
Air dry to keep the peace going
I love you deeply as any lover
My shower