Give Me Your Mark

Written by: Sarah Jabri

You showed me no mercy for my troubled soul
You crushed my dreams and took my innocent goal
You kissed me goodnight but you ran and stole,
My morning smile and left me with no role

To think it was you who held me too tight
The one person who taught me how to fight
And was it not you who showed me the light?
The one who promised me the love tonight.

If this is what I get for loving you so dearly
Then forgive me but I'll be coming for you severely
And I shall not but show such pride and no mercy
For the wound you brought will now show you the pain sincerely

I take not vengeance but me showing you my bark
For killing my only heart and taking its mark
And yet my kindness still reside upon my arc
So before I start, I shall ask you to give me your mark.